Junior Software Engineer
Junior Software Engineer

Junior Software Engineer

Why we're hiring

Column is looking to hire junior software engineers as we expand and scale our product offering. We are looking for a full-time addition to join a small team at an early-stage startup focused on the future of public interest information and journalism.

As an early member of a small but growing engineering team, you will play an immediate role in product and customer experience decisions across our application.

We are looking to grow quickly. We think this role is excellent for someone that has studied Computer Science at school, worked professionally as a software engineer in internships, and is now looking to apply that knowledge in a professional environment.

Column is a remote-first company with core members of our team on four continents and an in-person headquarters in Washington, DC.


This role will report directly to our CTO. Junior software engineers will:

  • Own the execution of features across our application
  • Engage directly with clients
  • Collaborate with our product, customer success and go-to-market teams


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate technical solutions with non-technical partners
  • Experience working on software projects with a larger team
  • Excitement to be part of building a company from the ground up

Qualities we are looking for

  • Optimism - we are setting out to do a hard and important thing in an industry underserved by modern technology, something entirely uncertain, and optimism that it is possible is a must.
  • Rigor - attention to detail without losing the forest for the trees; strong analytical lens on what's working and what isn't — consistent and adept follow-through.
  • Effective Communicator - we want folks who are empathetic, exceptional listeners, and clear & concise communicators verbally and in writing.
  • Strong affinity to live and work by our operating principles.
  • Humility - we are a young company, and we learn by recognizing that we don't know everything. Our team routinely engages partners that have worked in similar roles for decades — willingness to seek help and advice is core to folks that will succeed on our team.

What you'll do

  • First week: get to know our team, our market and our product
  • First three weeks: take on scoped technical projects and make individual contributions to our codebase
  • First nine weeks: own the execution of significant features, collaborate with product and customer experience teams as a stakeholder on our product roadmap
  • First year: serve as one of the first hires on a growing engineering team, and help lay the foundation for building a technical team of consequence. One year is about as long as the company has been around, so we are looking for you to help us define what else this milestone includes!

Compensation & Benefits

Our benefits will grow as fast or faster than we do, starting with:

  • Base salary and meaningful equity stake in the venture
  • Healthcare, Vision, & Dental coverage for you and your dependents
  • Unlimited (and encouraged) paid time off
  • Paid parental leave

How to Apply

Does this role sound like a good fit? Apply below or by clicking this link!